If you're talented, innovative, and have the drive to make a difference, then consider a career at Paragon International University. We offer you the chance to be part of an exceptionally vibrant and exciting environment at one of the best universities of Cambodia.

We are continuously searching for qualified individuals to join our dynamic institution. Begin your search for a rewarding career here!

How to Apply for a Job at Paragon International University

  • First login to this website with clicking login link. (You have to register first).
  • Create a Resume
    • Create a Lecturer Resume for Faculty / Lecturer Positions
    • Create a Staff Resume for Administrative / Staff Positions
  • Search positions
  • Apply to the positions that you are qualified for and that interest you
  • Complete the application form and submit


Your resume and application will be carefully reviewed. We will contact you:

  • if there is an open position in this area,
  • should your skills and experience match our requirements
  • and you are shortlisted.

We have a thorough 3-step interview process:

  1. Interview with Supervisor/Director of related department.
  2. Interview with Human Resources, completion of application and pre-employment testing.
  3. Final interview and job offer.

If you are not contacted for an interview, please know that we will keep your resume on file to be considered for future openings.

If there is an open position, we will;

  • Respond back to the selected candidates who applied for the position.
  • Invite selected candidates who submitted their resumes to apply for the position.
  • Publish open position announcements if the positions are still open.

Please keep in mind that Paragon International University reviews all submissions and responds to the selected ones only.