Staff Type: 
Administrative Staff - Student Support Unit
Hiring Numbers: 
Application Deadline: 
24 Mar 2019
Job Description: 


  • Manage book lending and returning procedure
  • Record new entries donated or bought to the collection
  • Manage the information system in the library
  • Give techinal assistance and guidance to the library users and researchers
  • Manage the library user accounts
  • Update the library information available to the users and to the public 
  • Find out the reader's interests and demands
  • Establish contact and correspondence with publishing companies, bookshops etc.
  • Manage memberships to the library
  • Keep catalogues of publications in the library
  • Connect with professional networks in library management field.
  • Maintainance and fixing of the damaged items in the collections
  • Coordinate with other relevant offices at the university
  • Attend to professional events such as library management seminars, book fairs, meetings, conferences etc.
  • Other relevant duties assigned by the Vice Rector



  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Proficiency with office software such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and Khmer languages
  • Ability to plan and organize effectively
  • Accuracy in preparing official documentation
  • Work well under pressure independently or in a team environment
  • Punctuality and responsibility